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'Kyrzbekistan': More Evidence New York Times Is Stupid

They just invented a new Central Asian country. They're stupider than Herman Cain

This article originally appeared in The Moscow Times

Move over, Herman Cain — the New York Times has got you beat.

When the paper of record published an in-depth feature on climber Tommy Caldwell, the one thing that wasn't very in-depth was its fact-checking.

So it had to run the following correction, which manages to be both embarrassing and deadpan:

Indeed it does not. Good point.

Rightfully, this should earn the NYT the place formerly occupied by Cain, who famously flaunted his ignorance of the same region during his presidential run.

Another former presidential hopeful also comes to mind.

In any case, the invention of Kyrzbekistan proved an inspiration to many. Some proudly sang the national anthem.

Some reminded the world of Kyrzbekistan's sporting success.

Some tried to find its exact location.

Some found good reason to expect Tony Blair would soon get involved.

Some were, quite frankly, not happy with the whole business in the first place.

And some even managed to get in touch with the President himself.

A number of posts about the newly discovered country have the unmistakable air of Molvanîa about them.