Berlin Refuses to Comment on Crazy Ukraine PM

Querried by Russia all it had to say was it recogizes German responsibility for deaths of Soviet citizens in WWII

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BERLIN, January 9 (TASS) - German government has refused to comment on Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk's allegations regarding the “assault of Soviet troops on Ukraine and Germany” in 1941.

“The federal government does not comment on the statements made by Prime Minister Yatsenyuk,” a spokesman for the cabinet of ministers said.

Along with it, he recalled that Berlin “does not call into question in any way Germany’s responsibility for the deaths of Soviet citizens during World War II.”

On Thursday, Yatsenyuk made a bizarre claim in an interview with the German TV channel ARD, saying the USSR attacked Ukraine and Germany in 1941.

On Friday, the Russian Foreign Ministry issued an official query to Berlin asking it to clarify the German government’s position on Yatsenyuk’s claims.

“We sent a note to the German Foreign Ministry regarding Yatsenyuk’s extremist utterance, which falsifies history, and asked them to formulate an official position on it,” Deputy Foreign Minister Vladimir Titov said.


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