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2015 Email to John Podesta Reveals Plot To 'Slaughter Trump' by Linking Him to Putin and Russia

Left-wing comedian Jimmy Dore is the host of 'Aggressive Progressives' on The Young Turks network. 

As TGP reported on Sunday Jimmy Dore gave a speech using facts and public documents to expose the origins of the Clinton-Podesta Trump collusion narrative.

Of course, there was never anything there between Trump and Russia.  Russia was the furthest thing from the Trump campaign.  But, as Jimmy Dore explains, Hillary Clinton knew her biggest vulnerability was the fact that she sold off one-fifth of US uranium to the Russians for a few hundred million and a half-million dollar speech to Bill Clinton from Putin.

So John Podesta devised the lie to project on Trump that he was the candidate colluding with Russia.

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It was all initiated  by the Clinton inner circle.

In December 2015 the plan was devised to “slaughter Donald Trump” by linking his to Vladimir Putin and Russia.

And John Podesta was the key player behind the scheme.

This email was leaked by Wikileaks and revealed John Podesta and Hillary’s inner circle’s plan to “slaughter Trump.”

And this is from the book “Shattered” on Hillary Clinton’s stunning loss to candidate Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

The Hillary team after losing the election immediately devised a plan within 24 hours to frame President-elect Donald Trump. They already had pushed Russian hacking as a centerpiece of their argument. And they already knew that their comrades in the Deep State FBI and DOJ were setting up and spying on Trump campaign officials.

Here is the full video.
This is excellent investigative work by Jimmy Dore.

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UPDATE: The highlighted name after the sentence in the email to Podesta is [email protected] A cursory search reveals that this email belongs to Brent Budowsky, a HUFFPO contributor, who has also worked for Democrat politicians and is a member of the International Advisory Council of the Intelligence Summit. This appears to be one of the initial discussions on framing Trump and his campaign with Russian lies.

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