Hungary Won't Take Part in New Cold War against Russia

Says its prime minister, Viktor Orban

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This article originally appeared at German Economic News

The dispute between the Hungarian government and the US continues to escalate. Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Tuesday that the US Government uses corruption allegations against senior officials Hungarian as an excuse to expand US influence in Europe.

In regards to the Ukraine crisis he accused the USA of trying to draw the EU in the conflict.

"Between the US and Russia, a mood like in the Cold War has developed. We do not want to be involved," Orban said.

The US blacklisted several Hungarian officials and banned their entry in October.

The government accuses them of corruption. Among those affected is the head of the tax authority, Ildiko Vida. She has rejected the allegations against herself.

The US and other Western partners in NATO view the pursuit of closer relations between Hungary and Russia with disapproval.

Orban's government has concluded a deal for the construction of two nuclear reactors by Russia.

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