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Russian Church Opens a Cultural Center in Hamburg, Germany

Cost €5 million

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This article originally appeared at The Orthodox Christian Channel

A new cultural and educational center of the Russian Orthodox Church has been consecrated and opened in Hamburg. The building of the center cost € 5 million.

<figcaption>A new Russian Orthodox Church opened in Hamburg.</figcaption>
A new Russian Orthodox Church opened in Hamburg.

There is a cabinet of the Russian language and literature in it, an exhibition of local artists is held there, website of St. John of Kronshtadt Church in Hamburg reports. 

In May 2007, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia, being a metropolitan, visited this German city and there was a decision taken to buy a house located near St. John of Kronshtadt Church.

The house was in emergency state and was demolished. After an architectural contest in 2013, building of spiritual and cultural center of the Russian Orthodox Church started. 

The adjecent Russian Orthodox church

As the house is located at the Tchaikovsky Square, it was decided to name it after the great Russian composer.

According to the concept affirmed by the city authorities, it includes a multifunctional community hall for 180 people, a class for studying the Russian language and literature, an artistic school, a physiotherapy room, a travel agency, a secretariat and church archive and rooms for pilgrims in the attic floor.

Among commercial projects, which are necessary to pay off the banking credit, there will be a restaurant in the house.

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MORE: Culture

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