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Here Is What Types of Arms US Is Giving Ukraine

Rifles, anti-tank weapons, crew-served weapons, ammunition, tactical surveillance drones...

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This is an excerpt from an article that originally appeared at Global Research

The Ukraine Freedom Support Act (UFSA) of 2014 authorizes lethal and non-lethal aid. Besides what’s already being supplied.

Including communications equipment. Body armor. Night vision goggles. Humvees. Radar. Counter-mortar detection units. Binoculars. Small boats. Various other gear.

Sniper and assault rifles. Hand grenade launchers. Mortars and shells. Stingers. Anti-tank missiles. What’s known may be the tip of the iceberg.

UFSA legislation “authoriz(ing) (Obama) to provide defense articles, defense services, and training to the Government of Ukraine for the purpose of countering offensive weapons and reestablishing the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine…”

“(I)ncluding anti-tank and anti-armor weapons, crew weapons and ammunition, counter-artillery radars to identify and target artillery batteries, fire control, range finder, and optical and guidance and control equipment, tactical troop-operated surveillance drones, and secure command and communications equipment.”

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said Russia “will not be able to leave this without a response.” Especially if new US sanctions are imposed.

Ryabkov blamed US “anti-Russian moods.” Trying “to dictate decisions to us that for us are categorically unacceptable.” Destroying chances for cooperation.

On December 14, Sputnik News headlined “Transport planes, combat aircraft and strike helicopters were spotted by militia fighters in eastern Ukraine.”

In territory Kiev controls. According to Rossiyskaya Gazeta. Activity especially heavy in Kramatorsk and Chuhiuv. Arms and munitions shipped there from Dnepropetrovsk.

Late Saturday, “NATO transport planes landed in Zaporizhia…Carrying cargo containers and some unspecified equipment.”

Novorososia news agency reports US C-130 Hercules transport planes unloading cargo at Zaporizhia airport.

LIkely weapons and munitions. Airport perimeter areas reinforced with “hastily erected guard towers.”


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