Gigantic Russian Flag to Be Raised on North Pole

The flag is 40 meters long and 26.6 meters wide - the largest Russian flag in existence

MOSCOW, December 12, (TASS) - An Arctic expedition will hoist a huge Russian flag on the North Pole in April, the expedition's organisers said on Friday.

"A total of 150 young researchers from Russia, Norway, Denmark. Canada and the United States will take part in the [Arctic-201t] expedition",
member of the organising committee Nikolay Drozdov said Friday.

The flag that is considered Russia's largest is 40 m long and 26.6 m wide.

The record-breaking flag, as well as 85 flags of Russian regions, will be raised at the Barneo station on the North Pole on April 9.

When the expedition is over, the flag will be brought to Moscow and hoisted at the Poklonnaya Hill WWII memorial, organisers said.