"Anti-Terror Operation" Has Destroyed Over 1,500 Houses in Luhansk

Over 1,500 homes in Luhansk have been "liberated" by Poroshenko so far

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LUGANSK, December 11 (TASS) - More than 3,000 residents of Ukraine’s eastern city of Luhansk have lost their homes in combat operations. Since the outbreak of hostilities in eastern Ukraine, about 1,500 houses have been razed to the ground in shelling, a spokesman for the Luhansk City Council told TASS on Wednesday.

One of many liberated domiciles

The spokesman said notices of losses had been entered into the unified register.

Luhansk Mayor Manolis Pilavov said residents of the city had applied to the centre for administrative services of the Luhansk City Council for help ahead of the coming winter.

“Very many houses have been ruined completely or partially.

But still more houses are without window glasses, which were broken in shelling.

People are winterizing their houses using everything they can.

In the first hand, we are restoring social facilities - kindergartens, hospitals, schools.

Humanitarian aid from Russian was of big help. We received glass, roofing slates, tarred felt,” he said.

The city authorities, in his words, were elaborating procedures of payment of one-time allowances for the loss of living essentials and compensation for repairs of damaged houses or construction of new housing.

In all, as many as 7,423 Luhansk residents have sought assistance, he added.

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