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Netherlands Will Not Disclose Terms of Joint MH17 Investigation

Says disclosure could "endanger the relations with the other countries involved"

  • Ukraine is a party to the investigation, but Malaysia is not
  • Reportedly all parties involved have a right to keep the findings secret
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This article originally appeared in Malaysia Today

I am a Dutch citizen who lives here in Malaysia. This morning I read some news regarding MH17 in Elsevier, a worthy Dutch news magazine.

As you should know the Dutch government signed an agreement with 3 other countries (Belgium, Australia and Ukraine) about the manner in which the JIT would investigate the MH17 disaster.

According to Elsevier sources, this (secret) agreement has one condition that ensures all parties within the JIT group (including Ukraine) have the right to secrecy.

In other words: if any of the parties finds that certain evidence might be damaging, it is entitled to demand complete secrecy by all JIT members.

Of course an incredible situation: how can Ukraine, one of the two suspected parties, ever be offered such an agreement?

Using the Dutch Secrets Act, Elsevier has recently asked the government to reveal the details of the agreement. 

Apparently yesterday the Dutch government REFUSED to reveal any of those details, as it could ‘endanger the relations with the other countries involved‘.

You can read it here.

Besides the fact that the MH17 plane was Malaysian territory and Malaysia was not even allowed to join the JIT this is an absolute scandal of epic proportions.

It shows the JIT investigation for what it is: a corrupt and useless exercise.

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