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1.2 Million Ukrainian Refugees Still Staying in Russia

The Ukrainian civil war has been an unmitigated disaster for the civilian population of Donbass

MOSCOW, December 16 (TASS) - About 1.2 million refugees from Ukraine are currently staying in Russia, deputy speaker of Russia’s Federation Council Yuri Vorobyov told the Rossiya-24 TV channel on Wednesday.

"Some 1.2 million Ukrainians are in Russia, all of them are accommodated," Vorobyov said quoting the latest data from the Federal Migration Service.

According to him, nearly 10,000 people are staying at the centers of temporary accommodation, some 500,000 refugees live in apartments, others are staying at their relatives.

"Russians and Ukrainians are close nations, so many refugees come here," he said. "But the figure of 1.118 million is extremely high."

About 2 million refugees were in Russia in different periods of the conflict in Ukraine, he added.

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