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10 Russian Soldiers Have Now Died Fighting in Syria

  • The last soldier to die died of his wounds received last month as Russia's ceasefire monitoring team came under fire by rebels
  • 7 of the ten have died from enemy fire, 2 in a helicopter crash and one by suicide

Russia's Defense Ministry says a Russian soldier has died of wounds he suffered in Syria, the military's tenth casualty since the start of its campaign there.

The ministry said Thursday that Sgt. Mikhail Shirokopoyas died at a Moscow military hospital last week.

It said he died of wounds he received in early May in the shelling of a Russian convoy in the province of Aleppo. The ministry said the convoy belonged to the the Russian Center for Reconciliation, whose task is to help cement a Russian- and U.S.-brokered cease-fire.

The cease-fire, which took effect Feb. 27, has helped reduce hostilities, but fighting has continued in some areas, including Aleppo.

So far seven Russian servicemen have died from enemy fire in Syria, two in a helicopter crash and one by suicide.

Originally appeared at Radio Free Europe

A Russian soldier who was wounded in Syria's Aleppo region has died of his injuries, Russia's Defense Ministry has said.

The soldier, identified as Sergeant Mikhail Shirokopoyas, was injured after vehicles belonging to the Russian cease-fire monitoring mission in Syria came under fire in early May, the ministry said on June 16.

Shirokopoyas was later transported to a Moscow hospital, where he died last week. The ministry said that "doctors fought for his life" but that the serviceman could not be saved.

Shirokopoyas is the ninth Russian soldier killed in Syria since Moscow launched a bombing campaign in September to support longtime ally Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Another Russian serviceman reportedly committed suicide at Russia's Hmeimim base in Syria in the first month of the operation.

Shirokopoyas' father, Gennady, described his son's burial, which took place at an undisclosed date in the village of Seryshevo in Russia's far eastern Amur region, as having had "all military honors."

"I have one complaint against the army: my son is no more," he told state media.

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