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1 in 5 German Elderly Live in Poverty - How Open Borders Impoverish Native Germans

According to the technocratic consensus, developed countries with high median ages and low birth rates need mass migration to pay for pensions. 

What they don't explain is how importing millions of people to gain employment as cleaners, Uber drivers and retail workers at reduced wages in big expensive cities is going to replenish the coffers with enough to cover the pensions of retired middle class Germans. 25% of job-seeking "refugees" have never even attended school. They consume less and are more likely to try and cheat the welfare system due to pressure to send money back to their families at home or pay back debts to smugglers.

The German economy is currently shrinking, so even the menial jobs immigrants are taking tend to be temp work. Many of them live as badly or worse as in their home countries.   

Natives too are feeling the burden of these disastrous liberal-capitalist policies. A new, likely conservative estimate released last Thursday claims that more than 1 out of every 5 German pensioners live in poverty (19%). The numbers are projected to get worse in the future.

At the same time, the German government spent $26.6 billion dollars in 2018 to "integrate" millions of new migrants. This is enough to give every one of Germany's 22.9 million pensioners a substantial pay bump. This is even more true if it were means-tested for middle and working class people. 

Instead, the tragic irony of forced emigration has become increasingly normal for old people. While some Germans choose to retire abroad out of their own free will, a growing number are moving to the Balkans or Asia due to their inability to afford daily living expenses in their own land. 

In response to this, Merkel's conservative Christian Democratic Union begrudgingly agreed to a compromise with the Social-Democrats after the latter threatened to upend the country's fragile ruling coalition. A paltry $1.5 billion will be allocated to deal with this crisis.  

The state does not pinch pennies when it comes to paying Jewish pensioners abroad, however. German taxpayers are paying a record $560 million every year to so-called "Holocaust survivors," which translates to about an extra $300 dollars every month for the beneficiaries, who number at about 225,000. In 2018, they bumped the usual yearly sum paid largely to Jews in Israel and America after accepting that Jews who spent the whole war in Algeria are "survivors" too. 

The eligibility for this free money is pretty open ended: if you are Jewish and lived in any country the Axis powers ever had a presence in during World War II, you get paid. The asset limit is $500,000 to apply. 

Advocating for a Germany that puts Germans first is illegal under the constitution the Allies imposed. While the first victims of this system tend to be the working class, the elderly and other politically invisible people, the comfortable middle classes who handed Merkel her narrow re-election in the name of "stability" should know that they will soon crumble into nothingness themselves. 

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