Azov Battalion Cheated of Glorious Victory Due to "Lack of Fuel"


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The newly agreed upon cease-fire isn't the only thing preventing Kiev from liberating the east from terrorism: According to Ukrainian media, Nazi rune-bedazzled Azov battalion has run out of gas. Literally. Here's a rough translation

Special Purpose Regiment "Azov" declares the suspension of its offensive against Novoazovsk due to lack of fuel. It is reported by the press service of the regiment.
"All day and all night we fought for Sahanku...The men are ready to go and fight on, but we're stuck for banal reasons - we do not have diesel.
A photo from their glorious offensive: 

Poor babies. 

<figcaption>The heroes of Ukrainian Democracy</figcaption>
The heroes of Ukrainian Democracy

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MORE: Ukraine

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