Two Volcanoes Erupt in Russia’s Kamchatka

The height of the ash column is around 5,000 meters above the sea level

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PETROPAVLOVSK-MACHATSKY, February 19, (TASS) - Ash from Klyuchevskoy volcano eruption in Kamchatka has spread for 500 kilometers, prompting seismologists to assign it orange Aviation Color Code, the Kamchatka seismology group told TASS on Thursday. The eruption continues, there are no settlements in the vicinity of Klyuchevskoy volcano.

"The height of the ash column is around 5,000 meters above the sea level. Volcanic plume has spread for 504 kilometers in the direction of east-northeast," head of the Volcanology Observatory in the Klychi settlement Yury Demyanchuk said. "Ash is spewed from the volcanic crater to the height of 500 meters above the edge every two minutes. At night, ejections of incandescent material to 150 meters above the edge were registered," he added.

<figcaption>Klyuchevskoy volcano (archive)</figcaption>
Klyuchevskoy volcano (archive)

Klychevskoy spews incandescent rocks that are rolling down its side at the height of 4,000 meters, Demyanchuk said. The volcano is 4,750 meters high. Klyuchevskoy is the highest active volcano in Eurasia.

The explosion of Zhupanovsky volcano also continues. Today, it spewed ash to about three kilometers in the air. The volcanic plume has spread for 200 kilometers in the direction of the Kronotskiy Bay. There are no settlements in the area. However, the eruption was assigned an orange Aviation Color Code.


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