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Expert in: Russia, Kremlinology, Soviet Union, International Relations

Patrick is a well-known blogger on Russia.  His bi-weekly update on Russian political developments has been popular since its inception in 1996, and is prized among Russia watchers for its ability to predict Russian political developments.  Retired from the Canadian government in 2008, he served as a political counsellor in the Canadian Embassy in Moscow from 1993 - 96, and was a long-time analyst of first the Soviet Union and then Russia.

The sharpness of Patrick's insights and accuracy of his predictions are partly due to the fact that he has been covering this territory since the early-1980s, and has a deeper institutional memory of the story than practically any other regular commentator writing about Russia today.

He has a PhD from Kings College, University of London, England, 1976, and has been a frequent speaker at the Wilton Park conferences in the UK.  He lives in Ontario, Canada.