Bulgarian Village in Ukraine Kicks out Military Recruiters (Video)

Resistance to Ukraine mobilization continues in various forms

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The village is located in the historic region of Budjak.

This article originally appeared at Timer.ua. It was translated by Greg Butterfield at Red Flag over Donbass

On January 23 in the village of Kulevchi, Saratsky district of the Odessa region, area residents rebelled against the mobilization [military draft] and kicked recruiting staff out of the village.

The villagers told this to Timer.

According to them, the villagers learned in advance that 240 people were receive mobilization notices, and in a matter of minutes 500 people gathered in the village square. The protest then confronted six military recruitment officers.

In response to the recruiters’ statement that failure to mobilize is punishable by criminal prosecution, the people began to shout "No war" and "We want peace,” and responded that the country has not yet declared martial law, and the Minsk agreements have not been canceled. Therefore, the people refused to accept the draft notices, declaring the new wave of mobilization to be illegal and forced, and expelled recruiting staff from the village.

However, the Friday adventures of Kulevchi residents were not over. A few hours later, they received information that the military office staff had gathered in the neighboring village, this time together with the police. Residents of Kulevchi decided to help their neighbors, and sent several cars full of "reinforcements." However, this time the information was false, and the people who came to the aid their neighbors went home.

At a January 25 meeting in Kulevchi, people wrote a formal appeal to the village council, the Regional State Administration, deputy Anton Cisse and the draft board. The people’s appeal called what is going on now in Ukraine an illegal and forced mobilization, which they do not intend to cooperate with, and said any attempt to take away their loved ones by force will meet with resistance from the whole village.

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