Ukrainian Politician: Armed Coup against Poroshenko Is Coming

A former People's Deputy of Ukraine warns that Poroshenko's days are numbered

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Oleg Tsarov is a former People's Deputy of Ukraine elected for the Party of Regions. He is now a key figure in Novorossiya. The following message was posted on his Facebook page. 

According to available information, the Ukraine is preparing another armed coup. Structures close to Alexander Turchinov and Yatsenyuk Arsenіy, with direct support from the US State Department organized the "People's veche", which will meet on the initiative of the Council of the Maidan. During the veche will be taken vote of censure to the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. In the guilt he would put the current economic situation, corruption, inability to resolve the political crisis, the loss of the Crimea.

A year ago on Maidan sounded slogans on the establishment of democracy, European values in Ukraine. After the change of power it did not appear. Moreover, the situation has become much worse in terms of full-scale military operations in the south-east, the growing dissatisfaction of the people of Ukraine, which cut social payments - someone must answer for it. The role of "of sacral victim" was given to Poroshenko.

This is supported by the fact that After the Christmas holidays at the initiative of the governing Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine will be held in Kiev Ukrainian action of protest in front of the Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Event organizers intend to remind the President and the Government of Ukraine to follow the pre-election promises to reform the socio-political and economic spheres, raising living standards in the countryand so on. The demonstrators will demand higher wages and compliance with the terms of collective agreements in industrial enterprises and institutions of Ukraine.

His interest in carrying out this action is showing Prime Minister Yatsenyuk, who is trying to use it not against himself, but against Poroshenko. For this purpose he entrusted his supporters of the Popular Front, using the capabilities of the Interior Ministry and Arsen Avakov, to meet with leaders of labor union and to agree on the direction of the action.

To counteract the intention of government Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine picket the administration of President, Ministry and the Verkhovna Rada, interior minister Avakov instructed to establish control over the leadership of the Federation of Trade Unions, and,primarily, for the chairman and his deputy Saenkov, including by visual monitoring and wiretapping.

Thus, according to the information I have, they have already installed wiretaps of FPA deputy chairman Vladimir Saenko, in particular, tel. 289-31-50, 067-232-02-00. Total 5 heads FPU taken on illegal "control" the Interior Ministry. As far as I know, on January 15 the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine A. Avakov held a meeting, which was attended by head of the SBU V. Nalyvaychenko and representatives of the Attorney General. The main topic of the meeting was tough actions of law enforcement agencies of Ukraine with regard to the planned "right sector" of January 20 protests. Following the meeting, the decision was made the need to curb the supply chain of weapons from the zone of ATO activists "Right Sector", as well as to restrict entry to Kiev radically-minded youth for the period from 16 January to 23 February. In case of resistance given the command to open fire.

Also on 16 January at 13.00 the head of the SBU Nalyvaychenko, Valentin had a meeting at which the heads of relevant structural units, it was announced that in the case of implementation of the "right sector" preparing stocks, they will be applied to disciplinary actionup to dismissal of the structures.

Poroshenko was not smeared with the blood of the Maidan, he did not participate in the decision to murder people to Maydan received his sacred sacrifice. During Maidan he spent much more time in the administration of President Yanukovych than the square. In particular, the rise of the tractor in an attempt to stop the attackers, he agreed, at the request of the most influential people close to Vіktor Yanukovich.

Poroshenko was too independent, having, as a former foreign minister, many personal connections abroad. He is not as obedient as would like him to be his Western curators. His peaceful rhetoric caused by purely pragmatic interests. In the case of a military scenario will increase the influence of the military battalions coordinated Avakov, Kolomoisky, Igor Valerevich and others, that will weaken his power. In addition, it is clear that Ukraine will lose the war. As it was many times in history, the United States easily sacrifice performer. Let me remind - the war crimes has no statute of limitations. In addition, Poroshenko has a confectioner factory in Russia which suggests that he has good connections in Moscow. Americans can't like this.

Will be successful the third Maidan, time will show. While the familiar deputies of the Verkhovna Rada are waiting for the alarm events and bring away their families from Ukraine.

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