Zakharova Tongue-Lashes US Media in Glorious Facebook Rampage

Maria always delivers

Thu, May 11, 2017
Maria Zakharova, patron saint of curb-stomping BS
Maria Zakharova, patron saint of curb-stomping BS

Russia's Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova just raked the US media over some extremely hot e-coals. 

In a barrage of Facebook posts about Lavrov's visit to Washington, Zakharova declared that "CNN hit rock bottom" with its report that the Russians had "tricked" Trump by releasing photographs of his meeting with Russia's foreign minister. 

She went on to comment: "I can't believe I'm writing this: the US media are appalled by the publication of official photos!!!"

She further pointed out that if Moscow hadn't released the photos, CNN would have published them later claiming they were "secret evidence of collusion with the Russians".

For the hilarious details on PhotoGate (is that what they're calling it? We're assuming "yes"), we encourage you to read this

In another Facebook post, Maria correctly diagnosed why the Washington press corps is completely awful: 

Being that the most popular question from the American media to Lavrov while he was in Washington was ‘please comment on the firing of the FBI Director', and then how the local media exploded about the photo protocol with Lavrov and Trump, one gets the very firm impression that the American media finds itself in a space of intellectual agony.

Tearing into the brainless US media seems to be unofficial Foreign Ministry policy at this point. 

During a press conference in Washington on Wednesday, Lavrov confessed that he accidentally thought US reporters were adults