William Wojcik

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As a former airforce public relations officer, William stays enthusiastically abreast of all military matters in our shrinking global community. He enjoyed and naturally took part in post secondary school courses in politics, religion and history during his studies at a Canadian university during the early 1970’s. It was during this time when items and issues quickly lead him to question what the media and journalists at the time presented. After a period of time working for a daily newspaper, while both reading copy and viewing images for public consumption, he challenged the material to which he was promptly told his services would be no longer required if he continued to question the source integrity. William left that very same day.

His background includes writing articles not only to receptive newspapers, but also as a formal national editor to a Canada-wide interest magazine. Today, retired with multi-technical licenses and no longer working a small livestock farm his wife and he owns, William is content to do what he does best; watch what goes on in the world and unlike that for-mentioned newspaper job, he doesn’t leave the building this time.