A Tragic Day For Russia Haters Everywhere

The international consensus (excluding Garry Kasparov) seems to be that Putin is no longer the most evil human/thing on earth. Anne Applebaum is on suicide watch.

Mon, Feb 20, 2017 | 7181 Comments

We noticed a terrifying glitch in the Matrix as we attempted to navigate the stormy seas of dumb tweets and manic blogosphere screamfests yesterday evening.

Far too many respectable people with internet connections have lost interest in hating Vladimir Putin 24/7.

Is this real life? Someone please pinch us.

Dear friends: this is how democracy ends



What on earth has happened? Only a few short years ago, Obama was comparing Putin to a hemorrhagic fever that causes traumatic diarrhea, usually followed by death.

Now Russia isn't even a Top 2 threat to American livelihood?

We miss the days when America's growing epidemic of diabetes and self-inflicted gunshot wounds was blamed on the real culprit: Vladimir Adolf Hitlervich Putin.

You think this is some kind of sick joke? You think the NY Daily News is just pulling your leg? Think again: The president of Finland just gave an interview where he stated very clearly that Putin wasn't the greatest threat to European security:

This is truly a tragic day for concerned citizens all over the world.

And now that Putin is only slightly less dangerous that ISIS, his crimes will forever go unpunished:

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