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                          YOU ARE WITNESS TO A GREAT AWAKENING

                                          ...A MEDIA RENAISSANCE

          Did you know 6 corporations control 90% of all you read, see and hear?


Russia Insider's runaway success represents a global awakening mirrored by the Donald Trump and Brexit Phenomenon.

What is Russia Insider?     

A MOVEMENT - An alternative news publication, driven by regular folks and citizen journalists from all over the world, leading the fight for honest journalism taming the trillion dollar, co-opted corporate media beast.

What's happened is a minor miracle 

So far over 4,000 people from around the world, who were fed up with the appalling, war-mongering, anti-Russian bias of the US and European media, trusted us with a relatively modest sum, so far amounting to about $200,000. 

With this money, we have created an information SLEDGEHAMMER which knocked a gaping hole into the Western media narrative.  This might be a world record in cost vs. benefit.  

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How did we do it?

 Hardcore Grit, Sweat, and Tears - like you wouldn't believe - hundreds of people, who care very much about this, gave their time and passion and worked for free, or subsistence wages, to get the word out, and still do. That’s how.

We are reaching A LOT of people 

EVERY MONTH about 1 million people visit our site, and our YouTube gets about  4 million views. That is extraordinary, considering that we started as a small blog in 2014 and have done everything on a shoestring budget.

Our material is widely picked up by other sites, meaning millions more read our articles every month.

Some stats:

Website: 76 million page views in 27 months (lifetime)

YouTube channel: 77 million views this year, and we're up to 150k subscribers and counting. That means we're 2nd in the world for English language video content related to Russia. Yup.

Social media combined: 330,000+ followers.  Our videos, pics, posts, and tweets reach well into the millions each and every week


We’ve achieved critical mass and have broken out of the media blockade and are reaching a wider and wider audience. 

We do not see an end to this rapid growth anytime soon.  The Trump / Brexit / fake news / censorship phenomenons reflect a huge demographic waking up to the reality that they have been misled and poorly served by the corporate media.    


We are having a yuuuge impact  

It is not just the numbers we are reaching, it is who is reading us.  Top politicians, business leaders, and influential journalists are being influenced..  We are regularly cited across the media.  Our contributors regularly appear on television.  We are making a BIG difference.


What we need money for

Ad revenue only covers about half of our overhead. The rest comes from donations crowdfunded from people like you. The more donations, the more we grow. It's that simple, this is real reader-funded citizen-journalism. Our finances are public, you can see our latest audit here.
Our $10,000 goal will go towards overhead for the Winter quarter of 2016  
Should we surpass our goal we would LOVE TO:
  1. Hire more investigative journalists = more original content
  2. Create a podcast (still under construction)
  3. Develop video production (starting with a news & analysis show on YouTube)
If anyone is interested in helping with audio or video production, please write to our campaign manager David Curry at


The truth is winning - we can't let up the pressure 

Russia Insider is as good an example of democratic citizen activism having an enormous effect as you are likely to find. The tide is turning, and we are an important part of this historic process.  This is no time to let up.  

Plus we are (regularly) under attack 

This war on "fake news" is getting seriously hardcore. This really is an information war and It’s coming now from all directions: hackers, trolls, smear campaigns, even moles. It's a sure sign that we’re on target and making an actual difference. Thus we need support now, more than ever.


This isn't just about Russia 

It's about our media failing us across the board. Our goal is to scrutinize, identify mistakes, check the facts, to keep them honest. We want to cover a lot more than Russia. This matters for everyone.

We study the corporate media

We are standing on the shoulders of people like Glenn Greenwald, Chris Hedges, Robert Parry, Ben Swann, Alex Jones and many others. Same issue, different angle.  

We've got an incredible team


Charles has spent his career in finance, specializing over the last 8 years in agriculture investments in Russia and Ukraine.  He comes from Greenwich, CT, USA.  He is based in Moscow, and also spends time in Berlin, Germany and Greenwich.  (More info)


Riley has written for The Huffington Post, CounterPunch, The Washington Times, True/Slant (the predecessor to Forbe's blogging platform) and ThinkProgress. He is a former editor of  He is from Santa Monica, CA.  He is 27.  (More info)


Dave and his wife Lizzy live in a quiet town outside Moscow.  He is a US army veteran, and served in operation Iraqi Freedom.  He comes from Los Angeles, CA, and grew up in upstate New York.  (More info)

We can take non-profit donations over $1,000 USD  

We have partnered with a US 501 (c) (3) so if you are interested in making a tax-deductible contribution ($1k min), information is below the payment option at the top of the page. For questions, please contact our campaign manager, David Curry at

It's not just about funding 

It's about the number of people that support us. Even just a dollar makes a difference, because the more of us engage, the stronger the message we send. It gets reported in the media. It convinces others to donate. It snowballs.

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Can't give a dollar? 

PLEASE SHARE the campaign with friends and family! Also support us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube! Our total tweets, Facebook likes, and YouTube subscribers get reported in the media. It shows the level of support out there.  It really helps!  It could trigger a contribution from someone else.


"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

Edmund Burke


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