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Fri, Jul 1 Rudy Panko 4,053

For most Americans, Josh Rogin is the nice man they sometimes see on television patiently explaining why we need to drop bombs on someone far, far away. For Russia watchers in particular, he is celebrated for his invaluable contributions to the always-growing list of things that Moscow has somehow "weaponized."

Next stop: Raqqa
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Vote early and often
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Made possible by Saudi Arabia and the UK
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Erdogan is now a serious threat to long-term peace in Syria
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Only Russia was capable of preventing the west from destroying Syria
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#Censored by #Twitter
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Your tax dollars
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It's good to be a Clinton
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Iran dumps the dollar
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Bad news for Syrian hospitals
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'Russian radar will never detect all this money being flushed down the toilet'
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How will Russia respond?
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