Watch John Kirby LIE From the Podium About What's Happening in Aleppo (Video)

State Department Spokesman John Kirby says the Syrian army is subjecting civilians to 'slaughter' - video from the ground reveals a different story

Wed, Nov 30, 2016
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As the Russian-backed Syrian army continues making rapid progress in the liberation of Aleppo from western-backed radical jihadis, the line coming out of the US State Department is turning from misrepresentation and denial to outright lies.

John Kirby is telling reporters that the people of Aleppo are being "slaughtered" by the Syrian army, NOT the jihadi terrorists, and the Syrian army is doing nothing to help them.

Video reports from the front lines show what is really happening - relieved civilians emerging to tell stories of a life of hell under "moderate rebel" occupation and singing the praises of their Syrian army liberators.

But Kirby admitted he's "not on the ground" in Syria. Then maybe he should stop preaching lying BS from the podium?


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