Watch CNN Birdbrain Clarissa Ward Spout Neocon Line on Syria, Justify Ambassador's Murder

Tue, Dec 20, 2016
MORE: Politics

The intense stupidity and tactlessness of CNNers never fails to surprise.

This clip was picked up by Russian TV, translated, and has spread like wildfire all over the Russian internet.

Ward is the local correspondent in Moscow.  She acts like she really wants Russians to hate her.

She practically justifies the gunman's behavior:  "Muslims across the world feel very strongly that Russian aggression (in Aleppo)... has been over the top."

Ahh yes, that Russian aggression, like the time they invaded East Ukraine and seized poor little Crimea.  Yes, yes...

She also went on and on about how cruel those nasty Russians have been in Aleppo, killing children and civilians, and well, you can imagine...



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