Ukrainian Parliament Makes the List of the World’s Worst Man Made Disasters (Video)

An artist’s progressive vision meets the realities of pro-European politics

Fri, Sep 23, 2016
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Harlem, NY, born DJ and musician "Moby" has released a video for the track “These systems are failing”. Alongside other world cataclysms the video features footage of Ukrainian deputies fighting in the Verkhovna Rada.

As I was writing these lines, fresh footage of a fist fight between two Ukrainian people’s deputies arrived. This one erupted at the office of Kiev based 112 TV channel right after a current affairs show. The guy who tries to stop the exchange of punches and insults in Ukrainian and Russian languages between the two pro-European politicians, touchingly appeals to them in a typically Soviet manner: comrade deputies.

Here's the news report first:

And here’s the music video. Besides the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada, Moby uses images of the Chernobyl accident, starving children in Africa, poverty, deforestation, etc., as the world’s worst problems:

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