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Turkey Says It's Not Bound by Syria Ceasefire, Cites 'Security Threats'

Ankara reserves the right to break the ceasefire deal if it feels its security is "threatened"

Thu, Feb 25, 2016 | 2,595 Comments
Kurdish groups have agreed to the ceasefire terms, but Turkey says it won't honor the deal if it feels 'threatened'
Kurdish groups have agreed to the ceasefire terms, but Turkey says it won't honor the deal if it feels 'threatened'

However well-intentioned the looming ceasefire in Syria may be, it appears that some of the warring parties just aren't interested in peace.

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu announced on Thursday that Ankara would not be bound by the Syrian ceasefire plan if its security was threatened, and would take "necessary measures" against Syrian Kurds which continue to be shelled, illegally, by Turkish forces from across the border. According to Davutoglu, "If threats arise against our national security from any of the sides, this ceasefire will not place its obligations on us. In such a case Turkey will ask no one permission and will do what needs to be done.”

Meanwhile, the Kurdish YPG says that it will abide by the ceasefire terms:

Not surprisingly, Erdogan wants the Syrian Kurds to be excluded from the deal:

Turkey continues to shell Kurdish-held positions in Northern Syria, despite protests from the international community.

More Saudi fighter jets are expected to arrive in Turkey tomorrow. It seems that Turkey is looking for any excuse to ignore the ceasefire as it prepares for more war.

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