Stephen Cohen: Not This Many Troops on Russia's Border Since Hitler Attacked USSR (Video)

The professor of Russian studies told RT's Ed Schultz that the last time so many troops were massed against Russia was when Hitler was preparing to invade the Soviet Union in 1941

Fri, Feb 19, 2016
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Why the heck did Russia put its border so close to NATO's troops?

The venerable Stephen Cohen lays into Hillary, Obama and the NATO military build-up against Russia with RT's Ed Schultz (formerly of MSNBC).

The US and its NATO vassals continue to live in a fantasy land of Russian threats. But Barack Obama apparently can't decide if Russia is a threat or not.

In March 2014 Obama declared Russia a "regional power" which was threatening neighboring countries "out of weakness."

Yet now he says Russia has the "second most powerful military in the world."  (see video)

Wow, Vladimir Putin has engineered a remarkable climb in Russia's strength in only 2 years.



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