'Serious' Journalists Already Blaming Putin For St. Petersburg Terror Attack

Don't act like you're surprised

Mon, Apr 3, 2017
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Oh dear.
Oh dear.

What does it take to become a fancy columnist at the fancy Middle East Eye?

Apparently just a Twitter account and at least one finger or toe to punch baseless, brain-dead theories into your iPhone 666/SatanBook Pro. 

You think we are being playful but you are terribly mistaken. 

CJ Werleman, a columnist for the Middle East Eye, is a very serious person — he even has one of those blue things next to his Twitter name — with very serious thoughts:



New York Post columnist John Podhoretz said it was “interesting that the bomb blasts in Petersburg come so hard upon the demonstrations.” (h/t RT)



To quote Anatoly Karlin: "Standard response to terrorist attacks in Russia: Westerners try to blame Putin while Putin tries to avoid blaming Islam, just like Westerners."

Nothing ever changes. 


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