Putin's 'Swipe' at the US

During his Victory Day speech, Putin gave credit to all the participants in the war, including the US. How is that a "swipe"?

Mon, May 18, 2015
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The west continues to misrepresent Putin
The west continues to misrepresent Putin

To anyone paying attention, it is clear that Western media has an extremely slanted view of reality. The West is notorious for lying and using ad-hominems to get its propaganda across to the unsuspecting public. People all over the modern world take headlines and information at face value without a second thought. In general, the majority of the public are trusting the media to present facts and not blatant lies. It should not be a surprise that the media is not trustworthy, but many people still fall victim to sensational headlines that have nothing to do with the content of articles. This is because headlines are made up by those with an agenda. The goal is to grasp one’s attention to read a feature, or to at least have the words of the title planted in someone’s memory. This is not always a problem, unless the headline has little or nothing to do with the content of the account. This is exactly what occurred in an article published by Stars and Stripes.

Anyone reading the write-up can clearly see that there is no reference to “Putin tak[ing] a swipe at U.S. in Victory Day speech” even though this is the title of the article. Perhaps the person who wrote the article originally had a different title, but that is difficult to determine. However, as a colleague of mine has stated, “the damage is done” when unknowing bystanders read such titles without further investigating the reality. This is the type of dishonest information the Western media uses to discredit Putin and Russia as a whole.

Actually, Putin gave credit to all the participants in the war, including the U.S., which suffered the loss of just over 400,000 soldiers compared to Russia’s 25-29 million soldiers and civilians, because the war was fought on Russian soil. This was by far the most devastating loss of human lives for any country during WWII. An entire generation was lost during WWII and the statistics are staggering. Many Americans might downplay this reality and blame Stalin’s leadership --- which is definitely fair game for criticism --- but not when it comes to the sacrifice of the Russian people during WWII. The West has downplayed Russia’s involvement during WWII ever since the Cold War, but it is time to put bygones aside and face up to reality. This article shows an excellent report of the Western myths against Russia during WWII. In reality Russia crushed the German Army, and the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church clearly gives credit where credit is due.

It is time the West also lived in reality and acknowledged Russia’s sacrifice during WWII, and set petty politics, Russophobic attitudes, and blatant bigotry aside. Perhaps then the Western world can begin to realize the importance of Russia, and how this amazing country and people have contributed to the world as a whole. The hateful diatribe and bigoted exceptionalism must stop, and the truth must be told.

Jared Sharp is an Orthodox Christian and Combat Veteran who served two tours in Iraq with the U.S. Army as an Infantry Machine Gunner and Team Leader/Truck Commander. Between tours he completed a History degree, and is currently working on a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction with intentions of becoming a teacher.

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