PART DEUX: CNN Smartass Fareed Zakaria Got Crushed...AGAIN (Video)

Two straight talking presidents play rope-a-dope with a CNN anchor totally out of his element

Sat, Jun 25, 2016
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Just can't stop getting schooled

What could be worse than getting smacked down by a president in front of a live audience, you ask?

Why, getting smacked down by two presidents in front of a live audience, of course.

We previously showed you footage of CNN anchor Fareed Zakaria moderating at the Saint Petersburg Economic forum last week, getting shut down by Vladimir Putin when Zakaria asked an ignorant question about Putin's comments on Donald Trump. 

Get ready for part deux - here's Zakaria getting owned by the President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev.


Zakaria asked whether Kazakhstan would one day be ready for a woman president. The implication of the question was clear - that Kazakhstan is lagging behind in women's rights. Nazarbayev quickly dispelled the CNN anchor of that notion with a few obvious statistics - with a little comic relief from ol' Vladimir.

I almost have to pity Fareed. He was unprepared to host this panel, but how could he have been? Here is a guy who lives and works every day in a mainstream media echo chamber of the West's fantasies and misconceptions of the world - then you take him totally out of his element, and stick him on a Russian stage with two veteran no-nonsense talking politicians from Eurasia, who are ready to burst every bias with cold straight facts. The result is a foregone conclusion. 

It's like watching a so-called "professional wrestler" getting thrown in a ring with two heavyweight boxers. The former would be quickly exposed as a sham. 

In the same way, most western journalists today are mere caricatures of what real journalists used to be.

Here's hoping Russia continues the tradition by picking another totally unprepared western MSM journalist to host the next forum - the result definitely won't be boring.

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