'Millions' Marched Against Putin in Sad Alternative Reality Inhabited by US Media

Two's company, three's a ten million person protest against Putin

Mon, Mar 27, 2017 | 6717 Comments
Oh dear.
Oh dear.

The crowd-counters at unfortunate western news outlets have submitted their findings: "Millions all across Russia defied Putin" on Sunday, according to a very special news outlet that is frequented by Louise Mensch and other disciples of Moloch. 

We wish we were kidding, but we're not: According to U.S. media outlets, "millions" of Russians across Russia marched against "thug Putin" over the weekend:

Yes, here are some of those millions, gathered in St. Petersburg:

Millions! (In Moscow, the tally is in the eight-to-fifteen thousand range.) Even Bloomberg's most famous anti-Putin liberal understands what happened on Sunday:

In contrast, here's how the Associated Press just reported on a rally in which millions of Yemenis protested against the U.S.-backed genocide in their country:"Raw: Thousands Protest 2nd Anniversary of War" ...

"Thousands". Imagine the media coverage they would have received if a few of them had carried anti-Medvedev signs. 

This is upsetting. 

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