Cool Video - Fidel Castro in Russia 1963: 20 Minute Soviet News Reel

Sat, Dec 3, 2016 | 765 Comments
The motocycle cortege coming down Lenin Prospect

Russian friends keep tipping us off to cool stuff about Fidel.  This is the best footage we've seen.

The film is called: 'Our Guest Fidel'

Good footage of his motorcade coming down Lenin Prospect from Vnukovo airport with him, Brezhnev, and other politburo members standing up in an open limousine on a sunny summer day while crowds line the avenue cheering and waving flags.

"Like a giant human corridor, 10s of thousands of Muscovites came out to welcome the leader of the Cuban revolution.  Workers fervently greeted their guests."

The film chronicles his first 40 day visit to the USSR as he travels around the country.

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