Choice Tweets From Leftoids Triggered by Trump-Putin Chin-Wag

Sun, Jul 9, 2017
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Say what you will about Saudi Arabia, but at least they have the good sense not to allow women the vote.

Hat tip to Ibankcoin for having the stomach to sift through this perversity.

There is only one word to describe this, and that is, collapse.

These people have been wrong about just about everything over the last year and a half, Trump's campaign, Russiagate, and now, their sacred cow, cooperation with Russia is getting summarily and publicly gored by El Trumpero.

Watching the machinations of the leftoid hivemind is darkly fascinating, sort of like watching a shark feeding on its own entrails.

And here we go:

Joe Scarborough is still smarting from the vicious and well-deserved thumping he and his ice queen received last week:



 Evil Bill Kristol makes a big show about being 'conservative'.  In fact he's basically a Trotskyite Israel lobbyist.






That this guy even shows his face after his Pizzagate tour is more than a little strange ...




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