Bumbling CIA Agents Get Repeatedly BUSTED in Moscow (Video)

These guys look more like the three stooges, than professional intelligence officers

Fri, Jul 29, 2016
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FSB saw them coming a mile away

I wrote early in July about several farcical escapades of the so-called Central Intelligence Agency in Russia's capital. 

If this agency has any intelligence, I don't know where or how they ever put it to use.

In once incident, a CIA officer tried to barrel his way into the US embassy, but got stopped cold by a no-nonsense Moscow cop on guard duty. Later, US state department representatives absurdly labeled this defense of the US embassy as "harassment" by Russia. And that wasn't the only US spy caught in the act.

Russian TV news has produced a special report on the history of CIA misfires and failures going back to the days of the Cold War. Amidst the constant stream of vitriol about "Russian aggression," it's clear that Washington has never stopped treating Russia as an enemy.


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