Alex Jones Bigger Than Lying NYTimes, BBC - Old Media in Death Spiral (Video)

Wed, Nov 30, 2016 | 3,063 Comments
He's crushing the old media

One of the true heroes of the past election has got to be Alex Jones.  

He bet early and big on Trump, probably at first just because he simply agreed with his positions, but Jones also realized before a lot of other people that Trump had a good chance of winning, and he never wavered in his all-out campaign to get him elected.

Jones's early full court press for Trump seems also to have vaulted his company into rankings stratosphere.

In this segment, he breaks down the numbers of just how far ahead he and others like him, like Drudge, are ahead of the dying, discredited, widely-reviled mainstream media.

Jones' political instincts are right on target - here he talks about the fact that yes, the alt-media has beat the old media in the rankings, but that we shouldn't rest on our laurels - now the task is to remove them entirely from the political scene:

"We are kickin' their butt.  We've got 'em down, and we are putting the boots to their ribs.  We are breaking ribs everyday, putting permanent hurt on them."




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