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Soon the thundering herds will be elbowing each other to get in on the business
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Thinking and acting outside the box is a reasonably expected outcome from situations that restrict trade, finance and opportunity.

Sanctions are one example. One American business acquaintance of mine returned this weekend from the Crimea where he has been since mid-April. I have rarely seen him so animated and positive from business results and anticipating future opportunities.

World economic outlook: Less than stellar
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This year over 6,000 officials were fined approximately 30 million rubles, and 14,000 were reprimanded and disciplined with similar permanent notations on their service records
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We've seen this before
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The more the central banks meddle and attempt to control natural market forces, the more forceful is the markets blowback.
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The media has distorted Putin and Russia beyond recognition
Wed, Mar 29, 2017 Paul Goncharoff 4,159
The fact remains that today's Ukrainian government was born through a coup — and it will likely end with another one
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A toast to Crimea!
Sun, Mar 19, 2017 Paul Goncharoff 3,406
The Russian market has proven itself stress resilient in the face of all the game changing geopolitical and economic events going on in this world
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