Syrian Head-Choppers Create Flashy Promo Video For Their New ‘Special Forces'

Tahrir al-Sham now has 'special forces' — and a professionally-made video to promote it

Thu, Mar 23, 2017
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Tahrir al-Sham goes pro!
Tahrir al-Sham goes pro!

Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) is the latest Al Nura "brand". And it's fancy. Much fancier than the older, CIA-backed "moderate" brand

As the largest coalition of jihadists in Syria, Tahrir al-Sham is going for prestige. The Ivy League of head-choppers, if you will. 

So naturally they created "special forces", called "Quwwāt al-Nukhba", and a flashy video to promote it. 

It's possible that this new "elite" terrorist force was trained by Malhama Tactical, the jihadist "Blackwater":

Malhama Tactical isn’t an enormous military conglomerate like the infamous Blackwater (now named Academi). It consists of 10 well-trained fighters from Uzbekistan and the restive Muslim-majority republics of the Russian Caucasus. But size isn’t everything in military consulting, especially in the era of social media. Malhama promotes its battles across online platforms, and the relentless marketing has paid off: The outfit’s fighting prowess and training programs are renowned among jihadis in Syria and their admirers elsewhere. It helps that until now the group has specialized its services, focusing on overthrowing Bashar al-Assad’s regime and replacing it with a strict Islamic government.

Anyway, here's their promo video. It's amazing how much money these grassroots freedom activists are able to cough up for professional mercenary training and cool promo videos:


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