Family Fun: Putin Invades Europe in New Board Game

It's high time

Tue, Aug 1, 2017
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We wish he would

One of our favorite RTers, Polly Boiko (she's Russian but doesn't sound it), tries to play a new board game put out as part of an infinitely complex and hare-brained psy-op by the geniuses at MI6 - your taxes hard at work you goofy Brits.

She decides that it is very complex and that only a Russian or NATO general could ever figure out how to play, which makes sense, since a NATO general probably invented it, in between singing rounds of 'We are the World' in the shower.

We are delighted with this game, and hope it catches on, especially with the Russian general staff.  We wish Russia WOULD invade Europe and put it out of its gender neutral Merkelian misery.


A popular bumper sticker in Russia.  The words read:  "We'll do it again if necessary."

World-Class Douchebag and Head of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg sings 'We Are The World"


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