Moscow's Exotic Marine Animals

Morskoy Aquarium attracts Moscow-sized crowds with its incredible variety of exotic fish and live corals
Mon, Mar 30, 2015
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Copperband Butterfly / photo: Alina Belyanina
For those Muscovites who want to look at exotic fish but don't want to spend money on a ticket to the Red Sea, the Morskoy Aquarium — inhabited with gilled creatures from all over the world — is the solution. The Aquarium is located in the historical "Clean Ponds" and includes thousands of species of fish and corals. It boasts more than 1,000 different species of sea and river fish, including the long-nosed and funny Surgeon fish, and even sharks and rays, octopuses, and sea anemones. One of the main attractions of the aquarium is the coral reef. Coral reefs are wonderful creations of nature. Reefs provide shelter to innumerable living organisms - from the smallest plankton to giant sharks. Every resident of the reef is interesting in its own way.

Surgeon fish live in the coral reef. They received their name from the sharp bones in their tail. Surgeons usually eat algae. In the marine aquarium, they receive a daily serving of lettuce for lunch.


Surgeon Fish
Clown fish also live in coral reefs. They even have a best friend - anemones.


A yellow Clown Fish
A yellow Clown Fish




Coral-eating fish
Coral-eating fish


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