Tired of Russian Airstrikes, ISIS Fighters Are Cutting Their Beards and Fleeing to Turkey

Iran and Russia prepare to curb-stomp ISIS in Aleppo

Sat, Oct 17, 2015
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Russian "Beard cutters"
Russian "Beard cutters"

The Islamic State's combat capabilities were always wildly exaggerated. Although clearly gifted at making head-chopping videos (where the actual head-chopping is edited out, because c'mon, ISIS understands it needs to stay PG-13 if it wants to reach audiences of all ages), ISIS has never faced any serious armed opposition. (They've been fighting the Syrian army, of course, but Assad has also been simultaneously battling with 10 other radical groups. And the U.S. dropping bombs on sand dunes doesn't count.) 

With Russia's entry into the conflict, the months of carefree head-chopping has come to an abrupt end. Now faced with almost certain death, "radical Islamists" in Syria are having second-thoughts about martyrdom. Also, it's time for a haircut

Hundreds of ISIL fighters are fleeing Syria for Turkey, as Russia's Defense Ministry previously said, and reports are popping up that they are leaving their beards behind.

According to reports, more than 100 (beardless?) ISIS fighters flee to Turkey each day — apparently disguised as "refugees". 

What's the need for disguise, though? Turkey has been funneling weapons to ISIS since the start of this god-awful conflict. Dear ISIS fighters: March home and receive the hero's welcome you deserve! NATO members always honor their warriors. 


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