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Here are the questions we get asked a lot.  

Have a question?  Ask it below in the comments section, and we'll do our best to answer.


Q:  Who finances RI?

A:  Some of the contributors paid for the site out of their own pockets.  It is done on a shoestring.  Most of the reason why we can do so much is that a lot of people volunteer.  We plan to expand by fundraising through crowdfunding and charitable contributions.


Q:  You complain about bias in mainstream media reporting on Russia, yet your publication seems rather partisan.  Isn't that a contradiction?

A:  Its really a question of resources.  Due to financial restraints, we are extremely limited in what we can put up, and have to rely overwhelmingly on what is available in the alternative media, which is harshly critical of the mainstream media's take on Russia.  But we agree, we are too partisan, and would like to change that, and as soon as our funding situation permits it, we intend to feature articles, probably in a dedicated section, which take the "other" side, which we think are well argued and worthy of consideration.  We believe that instead of trying to present readers with "objective" information, it is better to present a range of opinions, and let the reader make up his own mind.   If you would like to see this happen, please consider supporting our crowdfunding efforts.  We talk about offering a wider range of opinions in our funding wish list.

We also believe that because the mainstream media has such a hammerlock on audiences, that it is appropriate to use what little bandwidth the alternative media has, to provide dissenting, and sorely needed views.


Q:  Why are you so supportive of many Russian government positions?

A:  First of all, we carry plenty of material critical of Russian positions, from the right and the left.  If the Russian government does something we disagree with, we don't, and won't hesitate to criticize it.  Why do we agree on a lot of things?  Well, we write a lot about Ukraine, and many of us think the Russian government's position on this is far more honest and justified than the US and the EU.  Think Vietnam 1968.  Even the USSR was more right then than the US government on that one.  On other topics we are less in step with Russian government positions.  

In general, we believe media do government a service when they question and challenge, because it keeps governments honest, and that goes for Russia as well as any other country.


Q:   Where are you located?

A:   We are about 50 volunteers all over the world.  The editor, Charles Bausman, spends a lot of time in Moscow, but also in Germany (Berlin), and New York.  Major contributors are in London, Cologne, Berlin, Washington, Saigon, Indonesia, Florida, Ottawa, - you get the idea.  

In Moscow some of us work out of Cowork Station, a co-working space at Leninsky Prospect 30A, stop by and say hello if you like.


Q:  You cover Russian Christianity a lot, what is that about?

A:   Some of us are Christians, but the real reason we try to cover it a lot is because it is having an enormous effect, changing Russian society and attitudes, a story which is going practically unreported in the corporate media, partly because these media are openly hostile to Christianity, don't understand it, and aren't interested in it.  

Its a great example of how the media are not reporting the story here.   We try to compensate for that a little bit.  


Q:  Do you just cover Russia, or other subjects also?

A:   We got our start talking about Russia, but as the project developed, we realized that we are essentially a media-criticism project, and that the dysfunctional media issue extends to a lot of stories beyond Russia - US/EU foreign policy in general, corruption of the German media (its extreme!), the NSA leaks, whistleblowers, etc, so we plan to expand into those topics.  

We are also fascinated with the rise of serious alternative media - publications like "The Intercept", "Democracy Now", and others, and want to write about this phenomenon.