DC Leaks Exposes Soros Plan to 'Counter Russian Foreign Policy and Subvert Traditional Russian Values'

Remember this the next time someone tells you there is no plan to subvert Russia

Sun, Aug 14, 2016 | 11747 Comments
Everybody is asking who these guys are...

The recent George Soros hacks show plans/conspiracy to subvert Russia's traditional values.

George Soros' Open Society's Foundation is responsible for funding many "civil rights organization" that promote "Western values" in Russia.

Soros is one of the 30 richest people in the world, known for supporting Cultural Marxist organizations around the world, using his billion dollar wealth to wield enormous influence in society.

Here is a damning quote from the leaked files of Soros' Open Society Foundation:

"Our inclination is to engage in activities that will ... counter Russian support to movements defending traditional values"

The language in Soros' internal communication read as if his Foundation sees itself as a full-scale warrior in a global conflict, "the stakes are high", and "we should avoid entering directly into the geo-strategic warfare..."   

Enjoy these choice excerpts from the leaks"

Full leaks here: http://dcleaks.com/index.php/srs_reserves/


Seems Uncle Vlad has been supporting traditional values around the world...Time to start a colored revolution to bring liberalism and cultural decline to Russia!


And they said the 5th column was a myth!



The rise of Patriotic resistance in the West is a problem for Soros and his foundation

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