Christian Iraqi Militia Leader: Iran Prevented ISIS From Taking Baghdad. US Did Nothing (VIDEO)

Iran gave Iraq weapons to fight ISIS, while Washington watched from the sidelines

Sun, Mar 12, 2017 | 2769 Comments
Shia terrorism?
Shia terrorism?

The Middle East Media Research Institute has published an excellent translation of a recent interview with Rayan Al Kaldani (also known as Ryan Chaldean), leader of the Christian Iraqi militia "Babylon Brigrades". 

In a February 28 interview with Baghdad TV, the Iraqi Christian leader claimed that "if not for the Iranian intervention, ISIS would have been in Baghdad by now."

Chaldean goes on to say that Iran responded almost immediately to Iraq's appeal for military aid and assistance, while Washington sat on its hands. At the end of the interview he says that he is "unwilling to visit Saudi Arabia...because Saudi Arabia is the cause of Iraq's destruction".

James Mattis, Defense Secretary of the world's biggest state sponsor of terrorism, recently accused Iran of being "the world's biggest state sponsor of terrorism". 

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