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The Rewards of Attacking Russia - 1300 Turkish Hotels Up for Sale

The Turkish tourist industry is nose-diving thanks to the dearth of Russian visitors

Tue, Feb 2, 2016 | 23,096 Comments
There's a lot of empty space in Turkish resorts these days

Well, Turkey's decision to shoot down a Russian plane, then demand Russia apologize for it is continuing to reap rewards for the Turkish tourist industry. The Turkish daily Today's Zaman reports:

As many as 1,318 hotels have been put up for sale along the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts after Russian sanctions along with security concerns hit Turkey's tourism industry hard.

The Mediterranean resort of Antalya has the highest number of tourism facilities -- 410 -- that are listed for sale, followed by the provinces of Muğla, which has 349 for sale; İzmir, 203; Aydın, 162; Balıkesir, 139; Çanakkale, 35 and Denizli, which has 20 in total listed.

What a resounding success of Turkish foreign policy. The story continues:

Denizli Colossae Thermal Chairman Abdurrahman Karamanlıoğlu said a number of hotels in resort towns were left on the brink of bankruptcy after Russia imposed sanctions against Turkey after the latter downed a Russian warplane in November last year.

“We talk the realities but officials put a brave face on the issue. We have been heavily affected from the jet crisis. Especially the hotels in Antalya; being closed for the last four months, most of those are on the verge of bankruptcy,” Karamanlıoğlu said.

The report further states that Turkey's tourism revenues fell 8.3 percent to $31.46 billion in 2015. Maybe not a good idea to attack the country that supplies the majortity of your tourists. 

And all because Russia is bombing the Islamic terrorists Erdogan is buying oil from. Shame.


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