BBC on Suicide Watch After Aleppo Civilians Seek Safety of Syrian Army

A tale of two headlines

Tue, Nov 29, 2016 | 6,629 Comments
Why does this nasty old woman hate democracy?
Why does this nasty old woman hate democracy?

As the Syrian army continues to drive into the "moderate rebel" stronghold of East Aleppo, responsible western news outlets have been faced with the daunting, seemingly impossible task of turning the liberation of tens of thousands of civilians into a dark day for humanity.

Even the reliably shameless BBC suffered from a temporary but serious lapse in editorial judgment, as Aleppo civilians rushed to areas of the city controlled by the Syrian army:

For the doubters, we're afraid this is not the work of a Russian Photoshop troll:

Geez, why would Aleppo civilians "into" Syrian government-controlled areas, anyway? Let's ask some Aleppo civilians:



Just remember, BBC:

When slitting your wrists, it's "down the highway, not across the road."


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