Insane Soccer Mom Nikki Haley Paves Way for US 'Humanitarian Intervention' in Syria

US Ambassador to the UN claims that human rights violations triggered the conflict in Syria. Time for some "humanitarian intervention"?

Wed, Apr 19, 2017 | 4006 Comments
A danger to all living things
A danger to all living things

US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley used all her Waffle House charm to promote "humanitarian intervention" during a UN Security Council meeting on Tuesday. 

Of course, as a shrewd and very insane soccer mom, Nikki Haley did not just come out and say "the US will use 'human rights violations' as a pretext to blow up countries we don't like." 

Give her a bit more credit:

U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley singled out North Korea and Syria as countries where human rights violations are frequent and systematic, and she warned the next international crisis could well arise in a nation where rights are disregarded, such as Cuba or Iran.

“It is no surprise that the world's most brutal regimes are also the most ruthless violators of human rights,” Haley said. She also criticized the governments in Burundi and Myanmar, but she did not refer to rights violations in U.S. allies such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Turkey, or to non-state groups such as the Islamic State, which has been accused of many atrocities and abuses.

Just like Obama's R2P (a stupid acronym invented by a White House intern, which is supposed to mean "right to protect") in Libya, it seems that Haley, and we're assuming the entire Trump administration, is embracing the idea that the US can curb-stomp any country that doesn't meet America's high standards of human dignity (20 percent child poverty rate, 20 percent of adults can barely read, world's largest prison population, millions suffer from diabetes and OxyContin addiction, etc.).

Luckily the adults at the Security Council took away Haley's car keys and made her recite the alphabet backwards:

Diplomats had expected the U.S. to try to win the council's approval to add human rights considerations to all its meetings, but that was dropped after at least six member states — Russia, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan and Bolivia — made clear they opposed such a move.

Opposition also was expected from Senegal, and the United States eventually decided not to risk defeat on a procedural vote to press the issue, diplomats said.

We miss Samantha Power.

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